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Application Criteria

Provide all information requested on the application, all applications need to be filled out completely. If applying with multiple persons for the same residence, all adults of the age 18 and over must fill out their own application to be screened. All parties' applications will be considered complete at the time all adults have submitted and paid for an application for their party. 

Casado Real Estate Inc. screening criteria is as follows, unless otherwise stated: 600 credit scores for all adults, gross household income of three times the rent, no pets, no smoking and no past evictions. Your source of income, whether employed or self-employed should be from either the same company or industry the past two years, special circumstances may be discussed with your leasing agent.  If pets are allowed by an owner we will require you to screen the pet with PetScreening. Your application will be denied if any of your answers are deemed invalid or dishonest. Complete applications will be screened on a first come first serve basis. 

If your application is approved you will need to sign the rental agreement, put down deposit and pay the first month's rent within one week (5 business days) of your approval notification. Unless otherwise stated, your deposit will equal to one month's rent rounded down to the nearest hundred. In some cases, Casado Real Estate Inc. may approve applicants who do not meet rental criteria with a higher deposit. 

Co-signers may be approved on a case-by-case basis, speak to your leasing agent first. All co-signers must have credit scores above 700 and gross income of at least five times the rent.

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Printable Application

We highly recommend applying online but if you are unable you may download a printable application here and turn in to your leasing agent along with the application fee.