Realtor Referral Program

Our commitment to you

Thank you for your referral

You are a hardworking and respected REALTOR who has at least one client who owns income producing property in Whittier, Los Angeles or Orange County. Your beloved client would benefit from the professional service of a local property manager to maximize the income of their investment and save them time. When you refer a client to Casado Property Management  you are delivering the property owner a resource to maximize their returns so you can represent them on more transactions. If your referred client decides to sell, you will get the first right to represent them. 

Protecting the property

Casado Property Management is committed to protecting your client's asset from risky tenants and maintenance, each of which could be catastrophic to the investment if not managed closely. Frequent property inspections ensure the property is performing safely. 

Maximizing returns

Rent collection can be considered an art depending who you talk to. Casado Property Management wants to keep both owners and tenants happy because happy tenants = happy owners. At the time of filling a vacancy, the unit is rented at the best market rent and our goal is to keep each tenant years to come with only fair rent increases to benefit the owner and keep tenants happy. A well performing property carries minimum liability to the owner and tenants tend to take more care of their home, resulting in higher returns over the life of the investment.

Helping with your escrow

If your client is in escrow to purchase a rental property and you know they will need a local property manager, we are happy to assist with the inspection of the property before escrow closes so the transition between escrow and management sign-up is seamless. 

What we pay you

As a thank you for your professional referral you will receive the first month's management fee or 50% of the initial leasing fee (if a vacancy needs to be filled), which ever is greater. If your client ever plans to sell, you will get the first right to represent them and will receive a notification that they are planning on selling. If you are a Realtor/agent from out of state you will receive a fair market referral fee for the transaction if the property sells.

Refer a client

Refer a client who needs a professional property manager to take care of their property and fill the referral form. 

Referral Form

Realtor Referral Sign-up Form

A signed CAR referral contract will be delivered upon request via DocuSign

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REALTORS are always treated with the common NAR Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice.